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“The Legacy of Woman does not have to include the former hurts that have set woman against woman, women against men, or caused women to destroy themselves through sabotage….there is no need to get involved with the high drama and pettiness that has kept us from achieving human harmony when we are busy working on becoming our personal visions.” Jami Sams from her book The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers  


☾♦Grateful for Gifts♦☽

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I recently passively entered a facebook contest to win this beautiful collection of essential oil blends and low and behold I won them.  As my dear friend Rose just started working for this company, Escents,  I thought she had something to do with my glorious win, alas she did not making it all the more special of a gift.  They also gifted a set of twelve to my soul sister on the island. 

Until I arrived home to open this package of delight I had not realized that this particular set of blends was the gemstone collection, it couldn't be more perfect of a match. 

Thank you Escents for your beautiful blends and generous gifts.  My current favourites are Turquoise (Petitgrain & Galbanum) & Ruby (Orange & Davana). 

Gratitude, LLJ


For the Women who are Meant for More

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"The luscious ladies who love feeling the raw earth beneath their bare feet, and bow down proudly to the supple, winding curves of their thick, fleshy hips."

"We will never be okay sipping champagne, trying on haute couture, and talking about ways to make our asses skinny and recipes for dinner parties and how to get a man to love us.

We don’t really give a damn about any of that—

We want to talk about soul. About dripping truth. About magic. About death. About struggle. About the world’s heartbreaking pain." Sarah Harvey

Remembering that "Everything has the potential to transform us"

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MYSTICMAMMA is a source of spiritual conscious reminders, wisdom & insights. Often times I find beautiful reminders that resonate with where I am at in my growth and my humanness.  This particular excerpt truly reminds me of the beauty of discomfort and how it helps us grow "Feedback we receive that insults the ego is a blessing; feedback that promotes the ego is an insult to our spirit." ~Michael Bernard Beckwith from Life Envisioning. CLICK HERE to be directed to

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Harmonic Arts is a favourite company of mine nestled in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island.  They provide holistic teas, tinctures, yummy supplements (and so much more) to keep our bodies, minds & spirits aligned.  With the quick approach of winter's visit, we are faced with the inevitable shorter days & longer nights. If we follow lead on the natural world, we can embrace and nourish this time with creativity, rest & reflection.  For others, this may be a time of resisting the cold & darkness that this hibernate time inevitably bestows. Check out their blog (link below) on nourishing ways to welcome this beautiful time of honouring the shadows and allowing inner seeds to germinate.

Exploring the Kootenays

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Exploring Kookanee Glacier Park last week to celebrate a dear friend's birthday. Such a magically beautiful place, staying at Silverspray cabin with a panoramic view of larch trees, lakes, mountains & glaciers.  After spending three days simply enjoying nature and friends, I'm reminded of the simpler ways of being in this life, slow down and enjoy the stillness of nature. 

Fall Harvest

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An abundance of pears has accumulated in my back yard.  Thank you pear tree for producing so many delicious homegrown delights.  Being in Nelson has brought me back to being in touch with simpler ways, slower & more conscious actions & intents.  This transition into fall is a great time to reflect, journal, drink tea, cozy up with friends and slowing down.  


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After a summer full of many changes with a great deal of movement, reflecting, experiencing & expanding I have found a beautiful little home in Nelson, BC where I am so thrilled to be.  Part of my inspiration to move out of Victoria was to simplify, be closer to the natural world & be able to continue this creative journey with new inspiration.  This manifestation has definitely come into fruition, having surrendered to Nelson I am surrounded by inspiring mountains, a welcoming community and a yard where I can pick pears from the tree & fresh basil from the garden.  May we follow our hearts, even when our minds can't quite comprehend where we are going, trust in your intuition and she will lead you somewhere magical.