La Loba Jewels

✵ Finding inspiration in the Forest

Bronwyn HughesComment

Having packed up my life into my little car and starting my adventure up to Nelson, BC, I've had the opportunity to come back to my first home town in BC; the beautiful Squamish Valley.  This place is filled with raw beauty, surrounded by striking mountains, glacier rivers and gradients of lush forests.  Such inspiration. Thank you Squamish. 

☾Luna Goddess Photoshoot ☽

Bronwyn HughesComment

Beautiful creations came together on near to my last evenings living on the coast in Victoria, BC.  Natasha our beautiful model wears & displays La Loba Jewels so eloquently and effortlessly.  Our talented photographer, Anabel captured my visions perfectly, with a dualistic mix of graceful energies amidst fierce power. Wild flowers harmonizing with crashing waves.  Delicate eyes in the face of strong winds.  More photos to be viewed on the Lookbook page.    

Wisdom Amongst the Unseen

earringsBronwyn HughesComment

Owl symbolism teaches us about intuition, the wisdom that is gained not through sight, but through deep knowing; action from a depth that does not require thought.  Owls remind us to see beyond the masks & potential deceptions and look to the soul level, & to be ready for constant change.  These feathers came to me through a synergistic meeting of a dear lady in Victoria having a garage sale, with only the best of treasures.  Thank you for your gifts.