La Loba Jewels

  Welcome to La Loba.  My name is Bronwyn & I am a wanderer & a dreamer.  A lover of the natural world, be it rivers, mountains or crystals.  I am an explorer both of the inner & outer worlds & wish to experience the depths.  Creating has been a form of self expression that I have cherished since childhood, spending countless hours crocheting blankets, sewing my own clothes, playing piano and creating within the kitchen.  The feeling of time dissolving in the deep creative process is something I have reconnected with over the past few years, and am forever grateful to rekindle this passion.  I started my jewelry business in 2014 and have been growing with the ever fluid path it has taken me on.  My intentions with each piece created is to produce one of a kind pieces that are original and cherished as a form of a talisman, whatever that may look like to each individual. I Thank you for being apart of this journey, 

Bronwyn xx